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50th Reunion Scrapbook

Patricia Holden Flemming

Patricia Holden FlemingWhat have you been doing since graduation?

During the first 2 marriages and spanning 8 years I followed Mike during his Army career. We lived in New Jersey, Georgia, California, Thailand, Korea and Maryland. Living in the orient taught me many things, one to be grateful for what we take for granted in the US, like running water and indoor plumbing. I am still working full time with no real plans for retiring. I think about it, but just have not made that commitment yet. After Mike died I moved from Union Lake to Augusta. It has been a good location for me.

Tell us about yourself.

Patricia and Mike FlemmingI married Mike Flemming in 1966, 1970 AND 1980. We never did learn how to fight, so our only 2 fights ended in divorce. We final grew up for the last one. (thank God, that can get expensive!) Were blessed with only one child, a son Sean who lives in Spring Lake with his wife Joanne, and my 2 grand children Braelyn 9 and Tytan 6. Mike died of Kidney Cancer in October 2010. which has rocked my world beyond anything I ever imagined. Those of you who have lost spouses can understand I am sure.


What are your hobbies?

I love to sew, crochet and read. (as many crafters, I have several "works in progress"

What do you end up doing in your spare time?

I am VERY active with Operation Christmas Child. The shoe box ministry that is part of Samaritans purse, founded by Franklin Graham. I have a whole new purpose in my live since I started this, anyone who wants to know more, I'd love to share details. I am also involved with Vacation Bible School at The Bible Baptist Church of Augusta

What did you want to be in High School?

As far I can remember I only wanted to be a wife and mother while we were in high school. That was accomplished early on, but the mothering part never ends, for which I am grateful.

What is on your Bucket List?

My bucket list changed when Mike died, I always wanted to travel, but am still not ready to do that alone, so the bucket list is just a distant blur right now