Thank you to Phil Myers, Milt Poulos, Steve Horton, and Karen O'Laughlin for submitting photographs.

Milt and Carole Poulos Rod Crothers and Darleen Jarman Georgia Curtis, Christine Hall, Shirley Warner, Charlie Meyers, Terry Greenfield
Gary Cuyler, Dawn Church, Donna Acker Dawn Buck Dawn Church, Jean Cavanaugh, and Greg Guggemos
Dick Hamm, Doug O'Laughlin, Chuck Jordan Chuck Jordan, Joan Cole, Bonna Acker, Diana Cole Ken cole and Christine Hall
Mary (Clement) Guggemos and Greg Guggemos Jane Nevins, Lynn and Tom Gibson, Diana Cole Carole Hall and Donna Acker
Stu Keeler, Jane Nevins, Smith Long, Dick Hamm, Doug O'Laughlin, Jean Cavanaugh, Mike Halifax, Mary Karmes Sue Rose and Christina Campbell Christina Campbell and Dale Working
Barb Wilkins, Jerri Bryans, and Dawn Buck Jean Cavanaugh and Mike Halifax Grumpy Old Men with Gene Greenfield, Doug Acker, Tom Alderson and Ken Brown
Joan Cole and Denise MacKenzie Brenda Pierce, Christine Hall, Stu Keeler Tom and Lynn Gibson
Dave Mulder, Tom Isham, and Phil Higbee Ginger Laubaugh, Chris Janson and JoAnn Aldrich Carolyn Jones and Brian Shumway
Doug O'Laughlin and Greg Webster Julie Nevins, Donna Acker, Chris Hall, Terry Greeenfield,
Sam Valenti, and Dave Williams
Chris and John Nixon
Carolyn Jones and Shirley Warner Rod Crothers and Jean Cavanaugh Phil Myers, Doug and Karen (McKeough) O'Laughlin
Dorothy and Dave Quada Phil Myers Carole Hall and Dawn Church
Dottie Stevens, Shirley Warner and Steve Youngs Mary Settles and John Nixon Jane Steeby, Laura Adams, Valerie Beduhn, Sue Rose
Mary Stutz, Gayle Barlow, Phyllis Teske, Carolyn Jones, and Donna Acker Twins and Triplets: Jack Laubaugh, Dawn Buck, Donna Acker, Bonna Acker, Julie Nevins, Jane Nevins, Denise MacKenzie, Dennis MacKenzie, Carol Hall, Chris Hall, Christine Hall St. Rose School: Jean Cavanaugh, Mike Murphy, Sandy Kennedy, Dave Quada, Katie Clarey, Tom Gibson, and Brenda Pierce
Katie Clarey, Donna Acker, John Johnston, Dawn Buck, and Gretchen Hubner Gaye Barlow, Jean Cavanaugh, Jerri Bryans, Ron Bliss Steve Jacobs, Dick Gerlinger, Sharon Jacobs, and
Sue Gerlinger
Bonna Acker, Carolyn Jones and Christine Hall Jim DeVault, Ken Cole, Ron Bliss, and John Cumbow Elaine Tucker, JoAnn Aldrich, and Christine Hall
Mary Stutz, Joan Cole, Janet Bechtel, Diana Cole Mary Settles, Julie Nevins, and Katie Clarey Karen McKeough and Carole Hall
Gayle Barlow, Donna Acker, Katie Clarey, Chris Hall, John Jonston, Diana Brown, Gretchen Hubner
and Lee Belfield
Jean Cavanaugh, Sandy kennedy and Katie Clarey Karen (McKeough) O'Laughlin, Sally Pierce,
Mary Settles, and Dottie Stevens
Barb Wilkins and Jerri Bryans Greg Guggemos and Carole Hall Laura Adams, Jane Steeby, and Denise MacKenzie
Shirley Warner, Donna Acker, Diana Brown Julie and Terry Greenfield Chris Janson and JoAnn Aldrich
Christina Campbell and Carole Hall Brenda and Ken Cole Jean Cavanaugh and Gayle Barlow
Terry Greenfield, Sandy Kennedy and Dawn Buck Tom and Lynn Gibson Kathy Gaskill and Dick Brower
Diana and Dick Hamm Charles and Jean Wilkins Gary Cuyler and Carole Hall
Dick Gerlinger, Gayle Barlow, Diana Brown
and Chuck Jordan
Sue Welfare, Gary Cuyler, Elaine Tucker and Sue Rose Dawn Buck, Denise MacKenzie, Jerri Bryans,
Bonna Acker and Christina Campbell
Jerri Bryans, Dick Brower, Katie Clarey, and Bonna Acker Mary Stutz, Karen (McKeough) O'Laughlin, and
Mary (Clements) Guggemos
John Johnston
Jack Laubaugh, Ron Larabee, Dennis MacKenzie
and Bob Wilcox
Jerry Patton, Steve Youngs, Brian Shumway, John Nixon,
Janis Springer, Sue Springer, Jean Cavanaugh,
Dawn Church, and Elaine Tucker
Dawn Buck, Jerri Bryans, Mary Karmes, Jean
Cavanaugh and Dawn Church
Lee Belfield, Jean Cavanaugh, Steve Youngs Rex and Pam Mallekoote and Anne Shumway Steve Jacobs, Dick Gerlinger, Sharon Jacobs and
Sue Gerlinger
Group Shot Group Shot Group Shot
Gary Wilbur, Dottie (Stevens) Wilbur
and Sandy Kennedy
Karen (McKeough) O'Laughlin, Doug O'Laughlin
and Lee Belfield
Greg Webster, Rex and Anne Mallekoote, and
Anne Shumway
Chris Hall and Christine Hall Dick Brower and Brenda Pierce Mike and Nancy Halifax
Doug and Karen (McKeough) O'Laughlin Jane Nevins, Lee Belfield and Terry Greenfield Judy Frye, Rosemary Ford, Darlene Allen,
Phillip Honeysett, Steve Sarver, Linda Sarver, and Dorothy Quada
Judy Frye and Rosemary Ford Katie Clarey, Gretchen Hubner and Diana Brown Brenda Pierce and Shirley Warner
Gary Cuyler, Brian Shumway, Dick Hamm, Steve Sarver, Stu Keeler, Dick Brower, Mike Halifax, Chris Hall, Gene Greenfield, Dave Quada, Dennis MacKenzie, Mike Murphy, Tom Gibson, and Chuck Jordan Group Shot Grumpy Old Men with Gene Greenfield, Doug Acker,
Tom Alderson and Ken Brown




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