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50th Reunion Scrapbook

Jo Ann Aldrich Mullins

Jo Ann Aldrich Mullins

What have you been doing since graduation?

I became a flight attendant with Delta Air Lines in 1969 and retired in 2005. I enjoyed my job and flew to many interesting places and got to meet so many great people. I flew mostly overseas. The last few years of flying I flew our troops into Kuwait during Iraqi Freedom war. That was quite an experience. The past two years I went on a mission trip to Costa Rica to work in the slums. Last year I worked in the pharmacy and the year before I worked with the children in bible school. Also last year I went to Marquette, MI with the youth of the church to build a house for Habitat for Humanity.

Jo Ann Aldrich Mullins and brother

Tell us about yourself.

I am a widow since 2008. We didn't have any children. I have nieces and a nephew that make me very proud. I enjoy following them in the sports they participate in.


What are your hobbies?

Since moving back to Hastings I have started golfing again and try to spend as much time on the golf course as I can. I am also very involved in the First Presbyterian Church.

Jo Ann Aldrich Mullins Birthday Celebration

My last birthday which was on the Seine River in France on a river boat trip I took in September.  The crew made me a cake and it was very special.




Jo Ann Aldrich Mullins

What did you want to be in High School?

When I was in school I only wanted to be a flight attendant. I decided in the 3rd grade that that is what I wanted to do and I did it. This photo is from my retirement flight with my best friend in December 2004


Have you been honored for anything? Explain.

Jo Ann Alrich MullinsI was awarded The Aerial Achievement Medal from the Air Force in 2004 for flying many missions into Kuwait from February until June 2003 during the war. The Department of Defense hired commercial aircraft and crews to fly our troops and supplies into Kuwait. I was able to fly many of the trips. I am very proud of being able to serve and treasure the experiences I had.

What is on your Bucket List?

I would like to see the Great Wall of China. I have not been there but hope to get there one day.

Mission Trip to Costa Rica. I worked in a Clinic in the slums of La Carpio.